Educate Yourself

There’s a really good article here looking at bisexuality, it’s context as an umbrella term, how it’s difference is important against monosexuality and then examines bi erasure. Definitely worth a read.

Also, I think ambisexual is my new favourite term.

Edit: hopefully the bloody link works now? I’m using my phone and the app is proving a challenge…


3 thoughts on “Educate Yourself

  1. The link works!
    Thanks for sharing this as it’s a very good article and very informative. I have to admit that for years I didn’t understand Bisexuality and often just thought that being bi was a phase of one’s life where they might be exploring a bit. I didn’t understand it and would admit that readily. But, I think it’s awesome that more and more people are opening up their minds and hearts to who they are attracted to. I think if more heterosexual (and homosexual too!) people were really honest we would see that attraction is not such a fixed and concrete thing. I like the term ambisexual too. My partner, for instance, claims lesbian as her ID but I know that she finds many men very attractive and has had serious romantic/sexual relationships with them in the past. I think for her specifically, the lesbian ID is more about a rejection of men because of the pain some of them have caused her in the past. But the physical attraction is still there nonetheless. Personally, I would say she is bi but it’s not my place to put that on her.

    • Hi! Thank you for your comment and for your honesty – it is appreciated and I have to say your comment made my day.

      For me, being lesbian was a “phase” and no one was more surprised than I was when I realised I liked guys too, believe me! And then I ended up married to a gender queer anyway (apart from being gender queer myself) so it’s all far more complicated than my 13 year old self could ever have dreamt!

      As you say, identity is so personal and we just have to trust what we’re told. If someone says they identify a certain way then absolutely, I’m there in support with pom-poms and ticker tape but, apparently, I’m in the minority and someone will always be there to act as Identity Police.

      Best wishes – and thanks again x

  2. You’re very welcome! Glad I could brighten your day. Pay no attention to the Identity Police and just do you the way it feels right. They have no power to decide for you anything about your life.

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